A few words about COVID-19 aka Novel Coronavirus

A few words about COVID-19 aka Novel Coronavirus

Sue Faunt
COVID-19 is affecting every aspect of our lives and my little business is no exception.

My supply chain is being severely disrupted, so you will start to see items temporarily go out of stock. I will do my best to avoid this, but it looks like it's inevitable. All of my suppliers are cutting hours, so shipments are going out slowly and their supply chain is disrupted, so they are running out of stock quickly.

I just added a chat feature to my new web site, so you can contact me via email at sales@somethinspecial.com, text me at 949.371.9847 or hit me up on the live chat. I'm here to answer any questions or just talk about how you are doing and feeling these days. I'm happy to support you in any way I can and frankly, I would love the interaction :)

If you have a small business and need a little extra free advertising, I would be happy to do a shout out on any of my social media channels. My following is small, but engaged and I'd like to help out any way I can. I understand first hand how scary this is for all us small business owners, alot of us are worried that we will not survive this pandemic. Reply to this email and send me your web site link and a little description of what you offer.

Please make sure you practice self-care during this time. I find comfort in deep cleaning my house, organizing things, like drawers, closets, computer files (do those backups you've been putting off) and connecting with family and friends.

Also, practicing gratitude can pull me out of a state of fear and uncertainty. At the top of my list is you, my wonderful customers. Your support over these many years has brought me so much joy and happiness and I appreciate each and every one of you.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

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