Best Sellers July 2023

Best Sellers July 2023

Sue Faunt1 comment
Here are the top 3 best selling scents for July 2023:
Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific

Here are the top 3 best selling products for July 2023:
EdP Perfume Spray
Mini Perfume Samples
Everything Spray

What was your favorite fragrance? What new fragrances or products would you like to see added? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Betsy Salvati
Betsy Salvati
Hi Sue, I loved all the oils and spray I’ve purchased. Amazed, Baby face, Purest & Seashore. I will never be without them!! I’ve been looking for years for a dupe to Bobbi Brown’s BATH perfume. I don’t know if that has been a requested fragrance or not. That was my all time favorite. I also love Estee Lauder’s Beyond Paradise. You’re doing an excellent job here. My hubby of almost 40 years is a cancer patient, doing great thank Heavens, and I have numerous health problems. I try to keep as many chemicals as possible out of our food, body products, clothing, home goods, etc. Your products are just perfect. The scents are so calming and uplifting, and make me feel peaceful. Plus, they are safer than any fragrance on the market these days. Thank you so much for doing what you do. I’m sure you are very much appreciated by many. Happy Summer. Can’t believe Fall is closing in already. I’ll try a new scent when the weather gets cooler. Can’t wait. :) Thanks again, and take care. Betsy

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