My 10 Coronavirus / COVID-19 Coping Tips

My 10 Coronavirus / COVID-19 Coping Tips

Sue Faunt

This is hard. I don't like it. But I know it's necessary and it's only temporary. I've put together a list of 10 things I do to help get through this difficult situation.

1. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Videos. I really don't know how if I could survive this without some good, and bad, shows to watch. I've been checking the Netflix subreddit for suggestions and streaming all kinds of shows. I'm revisiting shows I did not finish, such as The Middle, and re-watching favorites, such as Frasier. Load up your watch lists and enjoy some chill time.

2. Keep a supply of soap on hand. I have soaps all over the house and even have multiple soap bars in different fragrances by my sinks and in the shower. It's nice to have a variety when you do it ten thousand times a day.

3. Take your vitamins and supplements. Don't neglect this part of your overall health plan.

4. Use your library card to sign up and check out books online. I usually have 2 books going at a time (a fiction and a non-fiction). If you don't have a Kindle, you can use the Kindle app on your iPad or Smartphone. I also use their wish list and hold a book features, so I'm never without something to read.

5. Washing hands is important, but it doesn't hurt to keep some hand sanitizers on hand. I have them all over the house, car and in my purse too. I use it frequently when grocery shopping, running the post office and grabbing a Starbucks.

6. Help other people. I always feel better when I can help someone else. I've been on the Reddit message boards helping other sellers on the Shopify, eCommerce and Marketing subreddits. I've been ordering Uber Eats and Door Dash from local restaurants. Think of virtual ways you can help out, either in forums or message boards or in Facebook Groups or on Twitter or Instagram.

7. I am missing my Orange Theory workouts. It is such an integral part of my mental and physical health. During this crisis, they are offering online workout videos. I've been combining these with hikes to stay active. It's not easy, it's not the same, but it helps.

8. Take a long, hot bubble bath. Or do a version of self-care that makes you feel pampered.

9. Stay in touch with loved ones via text, email, phone calls and FaceTime. This has helped me immensely, it makes me feel less isolated and alleviates the concerns I have for the people I love.

10. Plan a spectacular trip for when this is all over. I'm planning a volunteer trip to either Nepal, Fiji or Madagascar. Write down where you will go and what you will do. Make a Pinterest board. Choose something you've been putting off for far too long. Go to Paris. See the Northern Lights. Climb Kilimanjaro.

I don't know why this is happening to us, I don't know when it will end, but I do know that we can come out of this stronger and smarter if we all take care of each other. Be patient, be kind and be safe.

Much love,

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