My Little Etsy Haul Review

My Little Etsy Haul Review

Sue Faunt1 comment

Even though I sell perfumes and body care products, I still love to buy them from other talented sellers. I've been wanting to support these 3 amazing shops, so I ordered up some goodies.

Purchase # 1: Alkemia Perfumes
I've been stalking this shop for quite some time, they have spectacular reviews and their scent descriptions are oh so enticing. From their shop "Our artisan perfume oils are hand blended in small batches using natural essences, ethically rendered accords, lab-created aroma molecules and a little science, passion, and magic. Our perfumes are free of phthalates, DPG, and parabens and designed to morph with your chemistry to create a sensual alchemy of scent and skin that is special to you."

I chose the Ambre Extrait Perfume, I'm a sucker for anything woodsy, smoky and complex. I placed the order on 5/27/2020 and received it on 6/3/2020. The order total with shipping was $8.95.
alkemia perfume

I ripped open the package and immediately popped open the Ambre Extrait Perfume. It came in the tester bottles that I find hard to open (this is my personal issue, I always get oils everywhere). But, as soon as I smelled it from the bottle, little pleasure centers in my brain lit up. It has a deep, smoky, kinda resinous woodsy scent. I applied it to the back of my hand (always a good spot to test perfumes). Here are the scent notes from the listing:
North African Rock Rose
Cambodian Agarwood
Prussian Amber Resin
Madagascar Vanilla
Nepalese Spikenard
Somalian Opopanax
Tunisian Liquidambar
Himalayan Cedar
Honduran Styrax
After an hour, it dried down to a really wonderful woody, resin scent. It lasted about 3 hours on my skin.
They also included a free sample of Ambre Caramelise (thank you!), at first sniff I picked up creamy vanilla caramelized coconut. I painted a swath on my hand and after an hour it dried down to a soft, creamy coconut with a hint of brown sugar. Here are the scent notes from the listing:
Gourmand ambre blanc caramelized with slow, seductive swirls of brown sugar.
This scent is light, so I blended it with the Ambre Extrait and found my own little personal piece of fragrance heaven. It added a bit of creamy sweetness to the woodiness of the Ambre Extrait.
I am now obsessed with all the scents they create and intend on trying more very soon. They are truly aroma blending wizards over at Alkemia and I highly recommend them. They also have a web site at and you can follow them on Instagram @alkemiaperfumes.

Purchase # 2: Sunbasil Soap
She has the most incredible Instagram feed, it makes you want to buy all the things. I'm terrible at making bath bombs, so I chose the Unicorn Bath Bomb. I placed the order on 5/27/2020 and received it on 6/4/2020. The order total with shipping was $10.24.
bath boms

This was gift, so I didn't get to use it. But it came wrapped super cute in tissue paper and the actual bomb was shrink wrapped (for a longer shelf life, as stated in the description). It is pretty big, it weighed 6 ozs and measured almost 3" in diameter. It is perfectly round and the colors are so bright and fun. And it smelled so yummy. Here's the scent description: "As best we can describe the magic of a unicorn, the scent notes included are luscious fruity notes of cherry, ripe peaches, tangy strawberry all mixed together with sugar sweet candy undertone." I could pick up the cherry and strawberry through the plastic, so I'm sure the bomb will smell amazing when used.
These would make great gifts for kids and fun party favors for kids parties, especially since they are all natural. I'm planning on trying an adult bath bomb next, probably the Oatmeal Milk & Honey one.

Purchase # 3: SkinFoodieUS
Not only do they have incredible reviews and wonderful clean, organic products, they are also sold in Whole Foods. I ordered the 4 oz mermaid face + body mist on 5/27/2020 and received it on 6/6/2020. The order total with shipping was $22.

It came in plastic free packaging, which I truly appreciate. The label was a tiny bit crooked, which I love! Being a handmade seller myself, you may find a few crooked labels and that just means we are working hard to get your orders out and may have missed a tiny adjustment. But we still love and care about you since we make all products with our own two hands. What is in the products is always more important than a wee bit of crooked labels.
I of course sprayed it immediately, this spray smells really fresh and clean. I can pick up the lime right away and a bit of tea tree. Here are the full ingredients from the listing:
aloe barbadensis (aloe vera), citrus medica (lime) peel oil, vanilla planifolia (madagascar vanilla bean) oil, helichrysum italicum (helichrysum) oil, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) oil
I used it as a beachy waves hair treatment and it left my hair soft and smelling fresh. I'll also use it as an after sun spray because of the aloe vera, but I haven't tried it yet (haven't been out in the sun!).

I hope you enjoyed my little Etsy haul review! Let me know if you are going to try any of these products!
Be safe,

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Lisa Bailey
Lisa Bailey
So glad I stumbled upon this Sue. Definitely worth checking out -especially like the price points. A splurge without breaking the bank.

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