Simple Morning Routine For 2022

Simple Morning Routine For 2022

Sue Faunt
I have a simple, but effective morning routine for 2022. I had one for 2021, but I've modified it a bit, which is normal as we are always growing and changing. 

I always want to keep things simple, if I make it too complicated, I won't do it. And I wanted it to be impactful and have meaning. It takes me about 15 - 20 minutes every morning. The first 4 things I do in bed after waking.⁣ If I don't catch my thoughts and organize them, they will fly all over the place and I won't be productive.

1. Every year I establish 3 simple overarching goals, basically my WHY and HOW of what I'm trying to accomplish. They are personal, so I won't reveal them, but they hit my most important growth areas in health, financial and lifelong education. They are only a few words each and I write them down every morning.⁣

2. Next I write down one thing I'm grateful for.⁣

3. I listen to a 10 minute guided meditation YouTube video, there are a million out there. I just search "10 minute guided morning meditation" and choose one. This helps to calm my busy mind for the next step and is a great way to start the day.

4. Now I close my eyes and visualize my day. This helps me organize my flow and sets me up for a successful, productive day. I can also see areas where I may get distracted/sidetracked and how I may avoid them.⁣

5. I get out of bed and make my bed.⁣

I'm always ready to hit the ground running at this point and I've found my productivity increases dramatically when I follow these steps. There's been days I didn't do this and I found myself off track and off balance.⁣

Do you have a great morning routine?? Please share it in the comments, I'm always looking for new ideas!

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