Summer Vacation Schedule 2021

Summer Vacation Schedule 2021

Sue Faunt2 comments

We've all been through it, amirite? Now that things are easing up, I'm happy to be able to have family visit me in Southern California and go on a few vacations of my own.

I wanted to make sure I shared with you my vacation days so you can factor it into any summer orders you may be placing. I will be closed and not shipping orders on these dates:

June 23-30 My sister and 2 nephews are coming for a beach vacation
July 12-22 I will be road tripping to Yellowstone with stops on the way there and back
July 28-August 3 My other sister and 2 niblings are coming for a beach vacation
August 11-16 My brothers, nieces, dad and I will be visiting the Grand Canyon

I will be checking emails during my vacations, as long as I can get WiFi.

I'm excited for all these post-COVID trips and visits. I hope everyone can take some time this summer to do the same and spend precious time with the people we love.


Daph B
Daph B
Enjoy!! Stay safe in your travels, protect yourself, stay well to you and yours <3 <3 <3
Ann T
Ann T
I’m very happy you’re taking time off to enjoy life.

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