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Has there ever been a better time to spread some positivity?? Share some inspiration with a thoughtful message for someone you miss and love. You can choose from the following 6 different messages:

1. Be the Change
2. I Believe in You
3. Just Breathe
4. Love You to the Moon and Back
5. Make Today Amazing
6. You Got This

What a great way to remind someone special that you care every time they look at it. We can all use a little encouragement and empowerment during this crazy pandemic.

Do you have a message suggestion? Let me know and I'll see if I can create it!

Available in all our wonderful fragrances. This set includes a 1/4 oz of perfume oil packaged in a 2.5" tall glass bottle, plastic plug (to prevent leaking during shipping) and wooden oil diffusion cap with adjustable 16" rope.

>>How to Use<<
When you are ready to use, remove the plastic plug and screw the wood cap back on tightly. Tip the bottle upside down to allow oil to soak the into the wood cap and then return to upright position when the wood is damp with oil. Hang anywhere and enjoy! Repeat to refresh the scent. When the bottle is empty, reuse it by refilling it with any fragrance oil.

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