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A blend of almond, coconut milk, white jasmine, rosewood, ylang ylang, vanilla bean, tonka, heliotrope and musk. Compare to Almond Coconut by Laura Mercier.

This is one my favorite scents and I always get compliments on it. Here's my review ~ Sue/Owner:
-Cold sniff direct from the bottle: I get strong notes of creamy coconut, vanilla and almond. Smells delicious.
-Applied a few drops on a cotton swab wiped across the back of my forearm: Got a nice blend of soft coconut, almond, ylang ylang and jasmine.
-Settled on skin for a hour: I still smell coconut but also the tonka bean and light florals. Very nice. Went to dinner, could still smell it 3 hours later. And could still smell it the next day when I woke up.
-Bottom line: Love this scent on my skin and will wear it as a day into night scent for just about any activity.

Disclaimer: This designer duplicate fragrance is an interpretation of the referenced name brand fragrance and is not to be confused with the original. We are in no way affiliated with the original manufacturer.

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