Tired of boring air that doesn't spark joy? Enter the magical world of hanging aromatherapy oil diffusers!
These little guys are like tiny scent factories, pumping out delicious smells that can do wonders for your well-being, such as:

  • Instantly uplift your mood
  • Melt away stress faster than chocolate
  • Help you sleep like a baby
  • Boost your brainpower like a genius potion
  • Make your car smell better than a field of flowers
  • Turn your closet into a scented haven

Here's what you get:

  • A beautiful glass bottle with a wooden oil diffusion cap.
  • An adjustable 16-inch rope so you can hang it anywhere.
  • A large variety of delightful fragrances choices.

Plus, they're super portable! Just hang them from your rearview mirror, in your home, closet, office, or anywhere you want a boost of positivity.

And when the scent starts to fade? Don't worry! We've got refills to keep all your happy places smelling like a dream.

★ How to Use ★
When you are ready to use, remove the plastic plug and screw the wood cap back on tightly. Tip the bottle upside down to allow oil to soak the into the wood cap and then return to upright position when the wood is damp with oil. Repeat to refresh the scent. Hang anywhere and enjoy!

Choose your scent and add to cart. Repeat for as many scents as you want! 

The free mini-ornament will be in a random style and is only available while supplies last.

This $10 deal is good for 24 hours and ends on 12/12 at midnight PST.

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