If you prefer a spray over a roll-on, try these delightful 1/3 oz EDP sprays. Made with perfumers alcohol and fragrance oil, we've found that fragrance oil is too thick to easily spray, so we've added top quality grade perfumers alcohol to produce a gentle perfume spray mist. There will be a slight alcohol scent upon first spritz, but it quickly evaporates, leaving only the wonderful fragrance.

Spray onto clean, dry skin (not clothes), focusing on your pulse point zones (neck and wrists). And always remember, less is more. People who are close by should be able to smell your perfume, but not be overpowered by it.

Choose your scent and add to cart. Repeat for as many scents as you want! 

The free gift bag and mini-ornament will be in random colors and styles and are only available while supplies last.

This $10 deal is good for 24 hours and ends on 12/12 at midnight PST.

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