Essential oils are extracted directly from a plant, usually steam distilled from the leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, tops or fruits of the plant. Perfume or fragrance oils are made in a lab and are either fully synthetic or a combination of synthetic and essential oils.

Because there are so many scents that you cannot extract from a plant and they just smell so good, most of my oils are a combination of fragrance and essential oils. It is impossible to extract scent from a marshmallow or bubblegum, but these are some of the best sellers.

Why? Because they smell amazingly good and when you smell something good, you like it and feel happy. Also I've found that some scents are a vulnerable and protected species, like sandalwood, so a fragrance oil alternative is the more responsible option.

I can tell you all my fragrance oils are:

1. DEP phthalate free
2. Gluten free
3. Vegan
4. Cruelty free
5. Paraben free
6. Alcohol free
7. Sulfate free
8. Free of dyes and any kind of artificial coloring
9. Always fresh

I only buy body safe oils, that is why you will never see anything with heavy cinnamon, cranberries, black cherries, anything that can be a skin irritant. And since I only buy body safe oils, they are safe to apply to the skin undiluted in small quantities. And since they are undiluted, a little goes a long way, you don't need much to smell great. But, as with any beauty and body product, always patch test on your skin first. I personally test every oil on myself and willing family members before adding it to my scent list.