Don't you just love hearing "you smell so good!". If you want cruelty-free body care and vegan perfumes offered in many unique scents, made fresh and shipped direct to your door, you've come to the right place. I love creating scented products for people who are picky about fragrance and want to smell AMAZING!

  • You can find a large selection of unique, long lasting vegan fragrances 100% hand-picked, requested, reviewed and tested by YOU, my customers!
  • Everything is handmade when you place your order so you get the freshest products possible.
  • Free US shipping. There is a handling fee for International orders (see below for rates).
  • I'm always adding new products and fragrances, be sure and sign up for the newsletter and get 20% off your first order.
  • We are a compassionate company, focused on cruelty-free living and giving back. 3% of all profits go towards year-round charitable contributions.
1) Free Shipping: All packages ship with a delivery confirmation number (US orders) or a US Postal Declarations number (international orders), which is emailed to you on the shipment day. Any duties, tariffs, customs or other government fees are the responsibility of the buyer. International shipments can take up to 60 days to be received. There is a handling fee for international orders:

$14 handling fee for orders from $0-$49.99
$19 handling fee for orders from $50-$99.99
$29 handling fee for orders over $100

All other countries:
$30 handling fee for orders from $0-$49.99
$50 handling fee for orders from $50-$99.99
$70 handling fee for orders over $100

If an international package is returned for any reason, a refund will be issued, minus the shipping fee.

1) USPS ship times: All orders are carefully packaged and shipped via the U.S. Postal Service. I know how hard it is to wait for your goodies, if you believe that your order is taking longer than it should, first check the delivery confirmation number emailed to you, sometimes the P.O. will scan it intransit, which can give you an idea of your package progress. If you think it may be lost, send me an email and I'll check on it for you. My tracking abilities are only as good as the USPS's tracking system. You can also file a missing mail claim here:

2) Prep and packaging policy: All the products are prepared in a pet and smoke-free, clean, sanitary environment. The waterproof labels are clean, simple, clear and descriptive.

3) Fragrance oil and product quality: 100% of the scents I carry have been requested, tested and approved by you, my fragrance fans. When I get a scent request, I first see if I can get it from my trusted group of suppliers I've been working with for over 10 years. I know they are all cruelty-free, they only offer vegan and phthalate-free fragrance oils and they have a high ethical and quality control process to insure that every single time I get a scent, there are no variations, it is the exact same formulation I ordered 8 years ago or yesterday. I order it in and send three free samples to three different people who have and love the original perfume. They compare it and if all three different people declare it a match, then it is added to the scent list. If any one of the testers do not think it's a match to the original, it does not get added to the scent list. I then constantly monitor reviews and email feedback to address any scent quality issues. Every scent I carry has hundreds of positive reviews on my web site, Amazon and Etsy.

4) Designer Duplicates: When I initially started, my intention was not to carry any designer duplicates. I truly appreciate the hard work it takes to design a fragrance and I have a deep admiration for some of the beautiful blends created. But, as the company evolved, I kept getting many, many desperate requests for discontinued scents. If I could find a duplicate that was an exact match, I started adding them to the fragrance list. Then I started getting requests for existing name brand scents, only because I can offer them in a product that the original designer chose not to, such as a moisturizing cream, hair conditioner or a solid perfume.

5) Discontinued scents: I constantly rotate stock and if I am disposing more of a particular scent than selling it, it gets taken off the fragrance list. I hate waste but I refuse to send you anything less than 100% fresh products. If you are absolutely in love with a discontinued scent, you can special order it HERE.

Who is
Way back in 1997 my mom and I opened a little candle shop on Green St. in McHenry, IL. Many of our customers asked for bath and body products, but we had no luck in finding just the right products and fragrances. Nothing was made fresh, nothing was guaranteed to be cruelty free and most were loaded with chemicals that would make any scientist cringe.

So, I bought the domain name in 1999, dialed up the internet beep-bop-boop old school style (ifyky), cleared out the kitchen and was born! After years of trial and error, making many potions and creations that were wonderful and terrible, I finally created just the right mix of products and fragrances to offer to the world.

This entire journey is a collaboration with you, my buyers. We've worked together to tweak and balance the products and the scent list. You tell me what you want, I listen, I experiment, we test and test again. This guidance and feedback from you has allowed me to offer amazing custom scented products that are shipped worldwide.

What a team!!

Every time I get an order, I am humbled and grateful that you would spend your hard earned money on these scented goodies. I can't thank you enough.