I'm so sorry, I'm no longer able to find the compostable clear bags for the sniffies. Until I get them back in stock, the free sniffies are unavailable.

When you place and pay for a product order, you have the option to get 2 free sniffies of any scents from our fragrance list. As the fragrance list gets bigger, I know it's hard to choose a scent without trying it first. Here's a way to try 2 scents free with each order.

These sniffies are a few drops of fragrance oil on a cotton pad inserted in a compostable bag labeled with the fragrance name.

If you order sniffies without a paid product order, the order will be cancelled.

When you get the sniffies, separate them for about 24 hours (the scents tend to mingle during shipping). Open the bags and smell the cotton pads, then try again 2-3 days later after you've let them settle a bit.

If you have an order in process and forgot to add the sniffies, just email me and can add them to your order if it has not shipped yet. These cannot be shipped separately after an order has shipped.

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