Solid perfumes are highly fragrant, skin softening and melt upon skin contact. These soft waxes hold the fragrance close to the skin instead of creating a cloud of scent around you. This makes it easier for sensitive noses to wear, and means you’ll get more subtle reminders throughout the day when you catch a whiff of your wrist or the neck of your shirt.

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If you like to layer your scents, first swipe on the solid perfume as a fixative and to extend the life of your favorite perfume, then spritz the Eau de Parfum or apply the Perfume Oil Rollerball on top.

Solid perfumes are also a moisturizing powerhouse. I originally designed them to heal the dry skin on my feet from frequent hiking, mostly focusing on my heels and callouses. I discovered not only do they smell heavenly, but they also boast an array of uses:
  • Soften dry knees, elbows and heels
  • Tame flyaway hairs for a smooth, slicked back hair bun
  • Keep your tattoos looking new and fresh
  • Rock climbers and body builders that have damaged, dry hands
  • Soften dry, cracked cuticles
  • Use as a beard balm stick to keep hair soft and scented
  • Quickly soothes any itchy, dry or irritated skin patches
  • Safe for babies and kids
  • Moisturizing foot massage
  • Prevent pregnancy stretch marks
  • Makes a great perfume fixative base under your perfume to make it last longer
  • Apply to chapped lips (may taste a little funny, but good in a pinch!)
And remember, wherever you go, your solid can go too. It fits in your pocket, so there’s no risk of spilling, and it’s easily reapplied.

Every solid perfume stick is hand poured, made fresh with rich, moisturizing oils and butters and include the following vegan and cruelty-free ingredients: Castor Seed Oil, Soybean Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Carnauba Wax, Cocoa Seed Butter, Avocado Oil, Fragrance

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