Please help us keep this free perk by only ordering these with a paid product order. Thank you!

When you place and pay for a product order, you can get 2 free perfume oil scent sniffies in any 2 scents from our fragrance list. Please only add these to your order after you've placed a product order. If you order free sniffies without a paid product order, the free sniffie order will be cancelled.

If you order more than 2 free sniffies per order, only the first 2 scents chosen will be sent with your order. Free sniffies cannot be shipped separately after an order has shipped. 

I've been spending alot of administrative time fighting with bots creating fake orders (which slow down my site speed) and canceling orders from people who try to get these free without a paid product order. Please order these correctly so I can continue to offer them.

These sniffies are a few drops of fragrance oil on a hypoallergenic 100% cotton pad inserted in a clear bag labeled with the fragrance name.

When you get the sniffies, separate them for about 24 hours (the scents tend to mingle during shipping). Open the bags and smell the cotton pads, then try again 2-3 days later after you've let them settle a bit. They can also be tucked into drawers, closets, pillowcases and cars as little air fresheners.

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