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My 7 Favorite Essential Oils & How I Use Them

Sue Faunt
It's no secret that I love essential oils. I've been using them in my life since 1997 when I was first introduced to them. Here are my 7 favorite oils and how I use them.

1. Lavender: My first essential oil love. To this day, a whiff of it will put me in a calm state every single time. Anytime I take a bath, this is the oil I choose. I love adding it to a warm, full bath and even better, I'll fill the tub with unscented bubble bath and add a few drops of this. Instant bliss.
2. Sleepy Time Aromatherapy Blend: I have struggled with insomnia for years and I've created a blend that almost always triggers my brain that it's time for sleep. This mix of Lavender and Marjoram works best for me in my bedside wall plug-in oil diffuser. I turn it on an hour before bedtime and when I'm ready for sleep, I walk into a Sleepy Time scented room.
3. Eucalyptus: This oil has been effective in treating two issues, muscle pain and sinus congestion. For muscle pain, I'll dilute it in a carrier oil (usually jojoba or sweet almond) and massage it into the painful areas for relief. For sinus issues, I'll also dilute it in a carrier oil and massage it onto my chest and neck.
4. Peppermint: Any time I feel nauseous, I'll grab this oil and inhale directly from the bottle. It has always helped to settle my stomach.
5. Rosemary: There are times that I need have a creative focus session (like now while writing this blog post) and Rosemary gets my brain into a productive state. I have it on a cotton pad next to me, I've also used a few drops on a clothespin clipped to my desk fan.
6. Orange: It's impossible to smell this oil and not be immediately cheered up. I spray it throughout the house just for fun. I've also put a few drops on a washcloth and put it in my shower, not in the direct spray, but near it. Fills the whole bathroom with sweet orange goodness and starts my day right.
7. Lemon: Since this is a great disinfectant, I use it to mop my floors. I have a spray mop, I fill the water tank with vinegar, water and lemon oil and go to town. My house smells so clean and fresh afterwards.
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