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Scents are one of the biggest influencers over moods and memories. Make those scents count in a positive way with refreshing aromas that infuse your personal space with this aromatherapy diffuser. This 2.5-inch glass bottle with a wooden oil diffusion cap is secured to an adjustable 16-inch rope that lets you take it anywhere. Hang it from your car’s rear view mirror, in your home, closet and your office. And when it runs out, there’s plenty more to keep your surrounding air smelling like a dream!

★ How to Use ★
When you are ready to use, remove the plastic plug and screw the wood cap back on tightly. Tip the bottle upside down to allow oil to soak the into the wood cap and then return to upright position when the wood is damp with oil. Repeat to refresh the scent. Hang anywhere and enjoy! When the bottle is empty, reuse it by refilling it with any scented oil.

The glass bottle is padded and protected with eco-friendly plastic-free biodegradable cardboard and tissue paper wrapping during shipping. 

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