It's fun, it's bright and it's a childhood favorite. You can remember everything about the joy of bubble gum: the excitement of turning the knob on the machine, the "clink" of the metal flap as you retrieve your prize and the burst of juicy flavor as you bite into bright red, yellow or blue.

Whether you still love bubblegum as you did when you were a child or you simply like to reminisce over the smell of it, our bubblegum scent is available in a variety of options that smell good enough to sink your teeth into. Read the reviews to see what others are saying about this fun scent.

Top Notes: orange, pineapple, banana
Mid Notes: peach, cherry
Bottom Notes: vanilla

At Somethin Special Perfumes, we know that the right scent can nurture body positivity, increase confidence and provide a valuable component of self-care, and we are pleased to offer you a variety of scented products that'll leave you feeling pampered and empowered.

We take pride in choosing only environmentally friendly and Leaping Bunny approved cruelty-free ingredients. Everything is handmade fresh, wrapped in recyclable and reusable packaging and shipped right to your door.

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