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We love Bath & Body Works' winter scents, so whenever one is discontinued, we strive to recreate it to perfection. This particular Christmas-y Bath & Body Works fragrance combines a romantic blend of musk and sandalwood before giving way to delicate winter flowers. The result is an incredibly light scent that's never overpowering.

Disclaimer: Frosted Snowdrop continues to be one of our favorite Bath & Body Works smells, but this fragrance is an interpretation not to be confused with the original. We are in no way affiliated with the original manufacturer.

Want to know how you can make this snow fragrance scent last even longer?
The secret to long-lasting fragrance is in fragrance layering. Build up layers of scent on the skin by using different forms of the same fragrance, such as a massage oil or dry oil spray after the shower on damp skin, body cream, then perfume spray and a couple dabs from a perfume roll-on. Each reinforces the impact of the other to increase the life of your favorite scent.

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