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Take a moment to think back on some of the most comforting moments of your life. They likely involved indulgent baked treats like vanilla cookies straight from the oven. Such sugary delights are wonderful any time of year, but especially during the holiday season when paired with chilly afternoons, family, friends and hot cocoa.

We're not surprised at just how quickly Vanilla Bean Cookies became one of our most popular fragrances once we made it available online. Originally called Noel, the now-discontinued Bath & Body Works fragrance combines a delicious blend of caramel, vanilla and rich comforting cream reminiscent of some of lifes most calming moments.

Whether you use it as a home fragrance with one of our room sprays or by making your own Christmas candles, or you find happiness and comfort in the vanilla-cookie-scented perfume option, you're guaranteed to get lost in the cozy memories of sugar cookies straight from the oven with this scent.

Disclaimer: This product is an interpretation of the referenced name-brand fragrance and is not to be confused with the original. We are in no way affiliated with the original manufacturer.

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